About Me

Hi I am Gordon (or you may know me as Kai/Kai Hou from my publications) :wave:,
So I gathered if you bump into this page, you probably want to learn about my background. I am a PhD student pursuing a CDT in Data Intensive Science at UCL. I am also a member of CSED, ExoAI and the Ariel Consortium. My research focuses on applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to help us better understand exoplanets (aka planets outside our solar system), and in particular their atmospheres. You can find my past and current works in Projects.

Data Science Skills









Other Skills

Exoplanet-related theory


Bayesian Analysis


Deep learning models


CDT in Data Intensive Science

2017 Sept — present

My PhD research focuses on applying machine learning techniques within the context of exoplanet characterisation. I pioneered the use of Explainable AI techniques in exoplanetary science and showed that deep learning models can learn molecular features without any prior physical knowledge.

Alan Turing Intern, TRL

2020 Nov — 2021 Feb

I was responsible to a build a prototype deep learning based model to predict the onset of traffic incidents. I have also written a dedicated data pipeline to extract, clean and transform raw data from live traffic record into data product ready for machine learning applications or data visualisations.

Placement Student, Alan Turing Institute

2020 Jan — 2020 Jul

My 6 months placement at ATI was split between two projects. 1. "Learning Machine Project" The primary focus of the project is to design and build a dedicated framework to update, train and interpret machine learning models for healthcare and justice application. 2. "DECOVID-19". The second half of my placement is spent to develop a dedicated python package to produce descriptive statistics for incoming COVID-19 data.

Student, UCL Astrophysics

2013 Sept — 2017 Sept

I obtained a Master's degree in Astrophysics with First Class Honour at UCL. I won the Best Performance in Astrophysics during my 3rd and 4th Year.